September 28, 2011

we’re ruled by dangerous old men?

The wizened old gnomes of Zurich have always been talked about in conspiratorial circles, and now that Marina has emerged angry and betrayed after living respectfully for sixty years in the shadow of the Golden Generation – born during the heady days of the 1920’s and coming of age during WWII, when the times were dangerous but terribly exciting – she now believes there is credence in the belief that we are, indeed, ruled by dangerous old men.

“Think of the Pope, the Duke of Edinburgh, George Bush Snr, Fidel Castro, Ian Paisley, Alan Greenspan, Robert Mugabe and the many, many filthy rich warmongering old string-pullers behind the scenes,” says Marina, “and you get an inkling of how this generation still runs the world, even though they stick Boomer puppets like George Bush Jnr out front to bear the flack generated by their decisions.”

“This is the generation that pioneered medical experiments on institutionalized children and adults, and did unspeakable things to animals,” says Marina. “Sure, some advances in medicine came from these horrible experiments but do the ends always justify the means?”

“This is the generation that trashed the environment and had the good life without any censure whatsoever,” says Marina, “and yet it’s the same generation that - behind the scenes using useful idiots as mouthpieces - has imposed every conceivable restriction upon us to screw us over.”

“This is the generation that unleashed the atomic bomb and promoted endless wars that have entrenched it in positions of power, wealth and privilege,” says Marina. “Not a drop of their blood has been spilled since WWII, but their blood lust knows no bounds when it comes to younger generations,”

“I fear that they are unlikely to pass on without unleashing another monumental horror,” says Marina. “When death is knocking at their door and they have nothing to lose – and everything to gain in terms of immortal remembrance, good or bad – I truly fear that they will engineer an absolute catastrophe to ensure that as many people as possible depart the world at the same time they do.”

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